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Morrisville Employees Await Their Fate

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MORRISVILLE — One of Morrisville's biggest employers is trying to keep its workers from getting pink slips. Four-hundred-fifty people are waiting to see whether they can keep their jobs after Bristol-Myers announced they may scale back lay offs.

As of Thursday, company officials weren't saying how people will be let go. One of the primary goals of the plant is to produce Ban deodorant.

In August of 1996, employees learned that the company was planning to move production facilities from Morrisville to Evansville, Indiana. Recently, there has been a change of heart as the Morrisville plant has been growing.

It now seems the Morrisville plant will remain, but existing production will move to the Indiana plant. That leaves room for the production of new products in the Triangle.

There have been some reports that layoffs will begin as early as April 1st. However, the corporate headquarters of Bristol-Myers in New York would not confirm that date. They did confirm that some people would definitely loose their jobs, but the number of people affected still remains a mystery.