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Rocky Mount Residents Still Wading Through Storm Water

Posted March 24, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— The sun is shining, but the water isn't completely gone in Rocky Mount. Dozens of residents are still wading through what's left of Friday's storm.

The water has gone down significantly at ground zero. A couple of days ago, some two feet of water covered the property of one mobile home park. Now that most of the water is receding, many homeowners are taking their first look at what was left behind.

Like dozens of other Rocky Mount homeowners, Bryan Manning is helping his friends check for storm damage. The water is one home just went down enough for the owners to get inside. The problems are already obvious.

"The floor is starting to warp where the floor is saturated," Manning explains. "There's been a lot of water in here."

Wednesday is the day many people will return home for the first time since the rain. In the hardest hit areas, the damage will be extensive. But emergency officials say most homes in the flooded areas escaped structural damage. For many, the real concern are the heating systems, which could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

One home owner says this is the second time he's had to have his insulation replaced at a cost of several thousand dollars.

Nash County emergency management is going around with state emergency management officials Wednesday to access the damage for the first time. Their evaluation could lead to FEMA assistance for the area.