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Daycare Reopens After Tornado Disaster

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RALEIGH — Friday night, a tornado carved a long path of destruction through Garner.

Today, a day care center reopened at a church that received more damage than many other buildings.

Infants at the Sonshine Learning Center are too young to know what a tornado is, but their parents remember it vividly.

Parent Caryn Miles said, "I've only been back to work 9 months and this is our third daycare situation, my first thought was someone was trying to tell me to stay home."

Parents did not remain home for long, because volunteers pulled together and got the nursery ready for business.

Jackie Cook, the director of the day care, said that the volunteers were "just cleaning, pulling everything out of here, getting ready for the kids to come back, fixing windows that got broke over here too."

For working parents, the reopening is a big relief.

Parent Tracey Newburg said, "I didn't think it was going to be this quick, but everybody came together and cleaned it up and worked real hard to get it open. I was real glad that I could bring him back today."

Although the tornado ripped through the roof of the one classroom, the toddlers resumed their lessons at a nearby recreational center. Monday, the children will move to trailers next to the church.

Teachers said that even a tornado is not strong enough to burst the enthusiasm of a child.