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Rocky Mount is Swamped With Water

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NASH — Beginning Friday night, severe flooding caught many residents along the Tar River in Rocky Mount by surprise.

The excess water traveled down stream from Louisberg leaving many houses and low lying areas underwater.

Emergency officials said that the water level is only six to eight inches less than what Hurricane Fran produced.

Resident Elmer Morgan is forced to use a two man fishing boat to get to his home since the flooding over took his land and truck.

Morgan said that he did not realize the water would rise to such a high level until it continued to rain and the ground became increasingly saturated.

Kay Bailey, another Rocky Mount resident, said, "It was really amazing to see that it [the rain] come up that quick. When we went to bed last night it was near my porch; when we woke up it was past my porch."

The National Weather Service said that the river should crest this afternoon, and that the homes will emerge from the water over the next few days.

The flooding should remain until Wednesday, the weather service reported.

The Red Cross said that the residents relied on their family and friends for temporary housing, and that they have not received any request for shelter.


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