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Escape, Attack, Arrest All at 70mph

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FAYETTEVILLE — Interstate 95 in Cumberland County set the stage for a bizarre scene that left one man hurt, an escaped prisoner back behind bars, and rubberneckers wondering; what in the world happened?

Today, Cumberland County Police decided to transfer inmate David Faircloth to Central Prison in Raleigh after placing a safe keeping order against him.

Investigators said that Faircloth threatened to escape and take a jail employee hostage.

After the sheriff deputy turned onto the interstate, Faircloth kicked out the back window of the squad car traveling at a speed around 70mph.

The driver said that he slowed down and pulled onto the median. Then, Faircloth rolled out the back window, and allegedly attacked passing motorist.

Cumberland County Chief Deputy Cuyler Windham said that the prisoner hit several cars with the chains on his hands, and broke at least one car window.

During the same time, a sheriff from New Orleans drove by the scene and pulled over to help detain Faircloth until other deputies arrived.

Ernest Kelly, an eye witness, said that he saw a civilian's car with its window broken out.

Kelly checked on the condition of the driver, and then helped restrain the inmate.

Faircloth resisted as police placed him into a transport van to take him back to the Cumberland County sheriff's office.

Before the incident, Faircloth faced a first degree statutory sex offense, two counts of indecent liberties with a child, first degree statutory rape, child abuse, crimes against nature, incest by a relative, failure to appear in court on a charge of resisting a public officer, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Investigators said that after today's events Faircloth looks forward to charges of escape, damage to property and assault.

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