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Ft. Bragg Group Targets Land Mine Education

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FORT BRAGG — Princess Diana worked tirelessly to raise awareness about landmine dangers. Now, the United States Army is on a similar mission, and a group at Fort Bragg is working to prevent more deaths and injuries through education.

Fort Bragg soldiers are trained to spot land mines. Now members of the first Psi Ops Battalion are teaching those skills to children in Central America. They're hoping the man who is faster than a speeding bullet can help teach young children in Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua about the dangers of land mines.

LtC Jack Summe of Fort Bragg's Psychological Operations says they want to get the message out.

The technique soldiers are using involves DC Comics. Together the army and the company have created a comic book featuring Superman and Wonder Woman.

A group of soldiers went to Central America and did an assessment of the mine problems. There are 750,000 mines in that region alone. Then, soldiers created a story involving the superheroes, the people and their culture.

Cpt. Mike McKinley, also with Psychological Operations, says the comics carry several messages and warnings.

A similar comic book was handed out in war-torn Bosnia. The response was overwhelming. Now, at the initiative of Fort Bragg's 1st Psychological Operations Battalion, the half-million comic books will support the ongoing mission of mine awareness.

Summe says it's a worthwhile effort.

It's an effort that is needed because not all men and women are made of steel.

The comic books will be printed in Spanish. Soldiers hope to hand them out in Central American schools and churches in June.


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