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Bragg Soldiers Have Strong Opinions on McKinney Case

Posted March 12, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Sergeant Major Gene McKinney was acquited on all but one count by a military jury Friday. Reaction has been mixed. McKinney's accusers were shocked. Others said it was a just decision.

We talked with many soldiers who were headed out for the evening, and none had heard there was a verdict. But, everyone had an opinion, and those opinions varied greatly.

McKinney was found guilty of obstruction of justice. Because of that, some Fort Bragg soldiers believe that he may have been guilty of the other charges, but not convicted because of his rank.

Others believe that the sentence for obstructing justice should be harsh.

Still, others were quick to come to McKinney's defense, pointing out that he was cleared on all sexual misconduct charges.

Although all the soldiers we talked with said that they were familiar with the case, many had lost interest because the trial had taken so long. But, everyone said that they'd be watching the news to find out the details behind the jury's decision.

They'll be watching the sentencing phase, starting Monday, to see how harsh the penalty against Sergeant Major McKinney will be.