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Water Still on the Rise in Goldsboro

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GOLDSBORO — Flood waters along the Neuse River are not receding. In fact, the rising waters are forcing more and more people out of their homes.

Travelling through parts of Goldsboro is a challenge today. About a dozen roads are already closed, and rising water threatens to close many more. Neighborhoods that were dry just one day ago are now underwater. This is the fourth time in the past few months residents in low-lying areas have had to deal with floods.

Some people have already evacuated their homes and are being housed in Red Cross shelters. Others are chosing new ways to make it to their homes. One man paddled to his front door in a row boat, the only way he could find to stay out of the cold Neuse River.

Families who don't leave are making the most of it. Fishing off the front porch passes the time for one mother and son.

Flooded areas in Goldsboro are under a voluntary evacuation. Emergency officials are hoping people do pack up because, in some areas, EMS crews can't guarantee that they can reach homes in the event of an emergency. The projected crest level of 23 feet is just three feet less than the crest after Hurricane Fran.

If the river continues to rise above the projected crest, Goldsboro residents living near the Neuse can expect to deal with serious water damage. It's just a matter of watching -- and waiting.

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