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Durham School Investigating Possible Sexual Assault

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DURHAM — Durham school officials and police are trying to find out more about an apparent on-campus sexual assault. They say the act might have been consensual, but involved a very young girl.

Police say the accused male is 17-years-old, and the female just 12-years-old. The alleged incident occurred several weeks ago, but Durham police say school officials didn't tell them about it until Wednesday.

The Durham school superintendent's office says the incident may have occurred on the grounds of the Durham Magnet Center on March 5. Officials say they believe this was an isolated incident between the two students involved.

The young male could face a statutory rape charge if the allegations prove to be true, but no charges have been filed yet. The male student is already on a 10-day suspension from the center.

Alicia Hare, special assistant to the superintendent, says his suspension is not related to the alleged assault.

The complaint against the male student was filed by the Durham Public School system. Officials say both sets of parents are cooperating with the investigation.