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Mobile Home Park Declared Health Hazard

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RALEIGH — People in one Wake County mobile home park have less than two weeks to find a new place to live. The county says Holloway Mobile Park is a health hazard.

Holloway Mobile Home park is 30 years old. During those years, there have been problems off and on, but nothing this serious. The sewage problem is so bad that residents of the community have to move.

Fernando Revollar and his family have lived in the park for two years. A couple of days ago, Revollar and all the other residents were told they had 18 days to get out.

When an environmental services group discovered the residents were being exposed to sewage, it declared the mobile home park an imminent health hazard.

Because it is a health problem ,the county asked the property owner to make some corrections. When it checked again and realized that he had not fixed the problem, it issued a warrant for his arrest.

The owner faces misdemeanor charges for failure to repair the waste water system. Environmental Services Director Richard Rowe says the county will usually try to make corrections before taking such measures, but the Holloway Mobile Home Park was too far gone.