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It's Not Too Late to Protect Flowering Plants

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CARY — Area forecasts are calling for overnight lows in the twenties, or even in the teens this week, but it's not too late to protect flowering plants. Gardening experts say there are precautions you can take.

The first thing would be to cover the plants that need help. Pansies will do just fine, even in a blast of cold air, but azaleas might very well be killed unless they are covered.

Leo Pegram of Cary enjoys his time gardening. He's getting ready for the spring, planting new flowers and plants. While temperatures are expected to dip below freezing, Pegram isn't worried.

Pegram knows what cold weather can do to plants. Beautiful blooming flowers can wither and die.

The cold temperatures will not only affect flowers, trees and shrubs, it can also affect early produce such as strawberries.

Mike Creech of Cary Garden Center says there are some cases where cotton is the preferred covering.

Creech says cold snaps can really plant seeds of frustration in gardeners.

Pegram says it takes patience and love for gardening. He says if the flowers die, just plant them again.

Creech says if plants are damaged from the cold spell you can apply some corrective pruning and put down more fertilizer once it warms up again.

Some people have questions about grass seeds. Creech says not to worry, the grass will grow just fine.

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