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Missing Murder Weapon Has Community On Edge

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cumberland County authorities are on the look out for the murder weapon, used in this week's triple murder. They believe that the suspects dumped the gun near the murder scene, and that has people in the Spring Lake area on alert.

Cumberland County investigators say a high-powered, sawed-off shotgun was used to kill three people earlier this week in a home invasion. One of the suspects, Litdell Burkhalter, told investigators what they did with the weapon. It's where they're looking for it that has folks like Valerie Singer worried.

Burkhalter told investigators the weapon was dumped at the intersection of Mackenzie and Duncan Streets. That's very close to a school bus stop, and it's just across the street from a daycare center. Resident Beatrice Kelly hopes that one of the kids doesn't have the gun.

And for people who live in Manchester Forest, that possibility is a sobering thought.

Investigators are asking anyone that has information about the weapon or about the third suspect they're still looking for to call the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.


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