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Fort Bragg Soldier Charged in Triple Murder

Posted March 6, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— A Fort Bragg soldier is in jail Saturday morning, charged with murder. Cumberland County investigators arrested their second suspect just three days after a triple murder.

Thursday, they arrested Vincent Lee Thomas. Then Friday, Litdel Burkhalter was taken into custody. The soldier faces three counts of first degree murder. He's being held without bond.

Investigators say Burkhalter and two others entered this home and bound, gagged and shot five people. David Lee Epps, Channel Coleman and Vicki Lockhart all died. Investigators say robbery was the motive.

Yesterday, Burkhalter took officers to a spot where he said they'd find the murder weapon. It wasn't there.

Sergeant Stephen McLamb says there's an important need to find the weapon in the case. He asks if anyone has picked it up or knows of someone who may have picked it up, to please contact the sheriff's office immediately.

The weapon is a shotgun, with a pistol grip handle. It was dropped near a school bus stop on the corner of Mackenzie and Duncan Streets in the Spring Lake area. It may be loaded. Reporter: John McDonnell