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Social Security Doesn't Appear Very Secure to NC Voters

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RALEIGH — Education will probably be a hot topic in this year's US Senate race, and in North Carolina, voters are also very concerned about money.

In WRAL andThe News & Observer's Your Voice Your Vote poll, more than two-thirds of the 1,000 people polled fear they won't have enough money to care for their parents or themselves when it's time to retire. The candidates say they have heard your voice, but what are they going to do to win your vote?

The top financial concerned for North Carolinians is the security of Social Security.

A huge majority -- 81 percent of those polled by Your Voice Your Vote, said protecting the Social Security system should be a top priority.

Candidates had obviously given the topic some thought, but had varying ideas on how to cope.

Democratic candidate D.G. Martin says steps need to be taken to protect Social Security.

Candidate Steve Franks says he thinks the funds are being raided.

Candidate John Edwards wants to see the budget surplus put to good use.

Incumbent Lauch Faircloth says too many hands are in the current funds.

Nearly 80 percent said they believe Congress should make sure the needy are taken care of, particularly aging parents.

Affordable health care is a top priority for more than 75 percent of those polled. The candidates are split on how to address this issue.

Candidate Mike Robinson says health insurance is a major issue.

Candidate Ella Scarborough says health care must be expanded.

Candidate Gene Gay says he would support a national health care system.

Candidate John Edwards says he'd like to see more focus on wellness.

Quality child care can be expensive. Should the government provide the care for those who can't afford it? According to poll respondents, this should be a top priority.

Read more about the financial security concerns of NC voters and the Your Voice Your Vote poll in Sunday's N&O.

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