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Officers Hit the Beat, Preparing for Annexation

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville Police were knocking on doors today. They were not looking for a criminal. They were looking for input.

Officer Michael Petti is going from door to door in the Bonnie Doone area. He wants to know what concerns are on residents minds.

Petti is one of several Fayetteville officers on an Annex Implementation Team. They are going through the neighborhood, telling people about city ordinances. And, they are asking residents a range of questions concerning crime and city services.

They hope the answers will prepare city police and other city offices for the annexation of the area, scheduled for July 1, 1998.

The survey also allows officers to familiarize themselves with the area. After all, these streets will soon become their beat.

Bonnie Doone resident Gekesha Pugh is all for this type of preparation.

Similar questions were asked to residents in the Bunce Road area shortly before that part of the county was annexed in 1996. As a result, police believe they were able to tackle problems faster.

A couple of the residents whom police surveyed complained about a suspicious-looking green car. Police saw that car, pulled it over and found out it was stolen. They also found crack cocaine inside. Because it is not the city's jurisdiction just yet, the case was turned over to the county.