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NC's Battle Against Drunk Driving Heats Up

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RALEIGH — North Carolina's already tough stance against drunk drivers may get tougher. A DWI task force met Friday to discuss ways to make the roads safer for everyone.

NC Lt. Governor Dennis Wicker says people are safer now.

Confiscated cars are piling up under lock and key at school district's expense. As the number of seized cars continues to climb, so does the cost of keeping them. Schools can't sell the cars until there is a conviction, and with the average DWI case taking six to nine months in court, schools are shelling out big bucks.

Jim Lawrence of the NC School Board Association says schools are concerned about the costs they're incurring by taking the cars.

The NC DWI task force is looking into some possible solutions, all of which could be costly, according to NC Senator Odom Fountain (D-Mecklenberg Co.).

Wicker says he thinks the public would like to see a solution found.

If NC lowers its legal blood-alcohol-content limit to 0.07, it would lowest the lowest in the nation. Currently, 35 states have a legal limit of 0.1. NC and 15 other states are currently at 0.08, which is the level President Clinton wants every state to adopt.

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