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DWI Laws May Change, Social Drinkers Take Notice

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RALEIGH — North Carolina's legal blood-alcohol limit may be lowered from .08 to .07. Lawmakers are pumped up about this, but not everyone is cheering.

North Carolina could soon have the toughest drunk driving law in the nation. Social drinkers we spoke with didn't have a big problem with that. State figures indicate that shortly after the .08 level went into effect, alcohol-related fatal crashes dropped 22 percent. Mothers Against Drunk Driving says it will support the .07 proposal.

Lt. Governor Dennis Wicker, who heads the Governor's Commission on Driving While Impaired wants some more hard evidence.

There's actually a motorist's rights group that says this kind of law would consume valuable police time that could be better spent ridding the roads of drivers with much higher blood alcohol levels.

In Utah though, lawmakers at one point considered lowering it's blood alcohol level to point-oh-four, but that measure was defeated.


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