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All Eyes On Lizard Lick As Nintendo Unveils Video Game

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LIZARD LICK — This Saturday, Lizard Lick is expected to experience a population boom.

It's a mere speck on the map, but Lizard Lick is more than just a wide place in the road. The unincorporated community does have its own highway program, a mobile university, and even a tiny TV station -- WLIZ.

Charles Wood is the unelected Mayor of Lizard Lick. He has no real powers, but when the folks at the Nintendo video game company called to say they wanted to use Lizard Lick as a back drop to unveil a new game, they called Wood for permission.

Nintendo apparently saw Lizard Lick on the map, called the Sheriff's Department in Raleigh, and they put the company in contact with "Mayor" Wood.

Wood took the request straight to committee, to see if there might be opposition. Over a pizza and thirty seconds of deliberation, the committee decided to allow Nintendo to bring on their video game unveiling. Although the video game folks will be allowed to unveil their game at Town Hall, Wood says that he doesn't know much about it.

Nintendo's Web Site promotes the new game, called " Yoshi's Story," with cute little dinosaur characters. It may even replace the video poker machine as Town Hall's game of choice.

Wood is known for marketing the town's name, and he says this kind of attention can't be beat. He says that the town is getting prepared. They "might run out of parking spaces."

For the occasion, Town Hall has a new vinyl cover, and Hollerin' Contest Champ Robey Morgan will kick the party off with a lizard's mating call.

Folks here just want to make those Nintendo folks from California feel welcome. They're planning a pig-picking.

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