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Williams Sentenced to Death

Posted March 3, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Last Friday, a jury convicted John Williams of murder. Wednesday, they decided the Georgia drifter should die for his killing Deborah Elliot and Patricia Ashe.

It took less than two and a half hours for the jury to reach its decision. While many feel that justice was served, Williams still claims he is innocent.

Williams' attorney, Daniel Boyce says they will appeal.

The jury's decision has come as a great relief to the victims' families. Many of them, including Slawanda Cheatham, Elliot's sister, followed the trial closely.

Williams himself showed little reaction as the sentence was read, but as he was taken out of the courtroom, he flashed two fingers at his mother, indicating he would be home in two years.

Williams' mother said she was leaving it "in God's hands", and planned to return to Georgia.