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Don't Get Stiffed By Spring Break Scams

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RALEIGH — Spring break for our state's college students starts Monday. But, last year, spring break was a bust for a lot of kids.

College students look forward to it -- a spring break trip to a warm, exotic place for a week.

Last year, students from all over the country thought they were set for a week of sun and fun. But, they found themselves sleeping on the floors of airports.

The company with which the students booked their vacations, was grounded by the FAA. They eventually arrived at their destinations and returned, but not without a lot of hassles.

One local travel agent warns students that a trip which appears to be "too cheap to be true" probably is. Robert Gani also advises you should deal with a reputable travel agency -- one that has a good track record, or someone who has been in business for a number of years.

By taking the extra steps, you can avoid ending up with a bad case of the "terminal blues."

Gani says that even after you take those precautions, there are no guarantees you will get to your destination on time. But at least by dealing with a reputable business, you will be insured and possibly compensated for delays.