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'Panic' Alarms Might Make NCCU Students Feel Safer

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DURHAM — Students at North Carolina Central University say they don't feel safe on their campus so, In an effort to change that, police and administrators are considering issuing security transmitters to all students.

Just before noon Tuesday in the NC Central campus police station, four students said a man pointed a gun at them when their cars nearly collided.

NCCU leaders are studying a transmitter warning system called Security Escort. One squeeze of a transmitter and police would know the student's identity and location, and could rush to the scene.

Ayanna Jackson, who was involved in the near-collision, says the security system might not have helped them.

Since August, NCCU students have reported more than 100 larcenies and five armed robberies to campus police. Some students say the current emergency call box system doesn't work, and they say they don't like the $10 - $15 per month cost to lease the security transmitters. Studetn James Laster says that he could use that money for a pizza.

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