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NCSU Taking a Shot at Protecting Police

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RALEIGH — The newest line of defense when it comes to bulletproof vests is being created in the Triangle, as one local university takes a shot at building space-age police protection.

Life on the streets for police officers comes with some dangerous realities. Facing gunfire could be a part of the job at any time, and while some officers wear bulletproof vests, others don't have that luxury. Even so, many vests now in use can be bulky and hot.

A North Carolina State inventor took note of the vest problem. Dr. Mansour Mohamed has created a fabric with super-tough, super-light weave that's being made into a new type of bulletproof vest NC State's Centennial Campus.

The project's original purpose was to make super-strong fabric for space travel, but now that the mission has changed, graduate student Hari Balasunbharam finds it even more rewarding.

If one more officer wears one more vest and it stops one more bullet, students say the effort will have been worth it.

The new fabric will be tested later this month. The lighter, stronger bulletproof vests could be available before summer.

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