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John Williams Murder Trial Nears End in Raleigh

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RALEIGH — The prosecution finally finished presenting witnesses in its case against an accused murderer in the trial of John Williams. The questions Monday afternoon centered on what the defense will do.

The prosecution presented over 140 witnesses over the past few weeks. Victims' family members who sat in the courtroom say that was troubling, and that they are looking forward to the outcome of the long trial.

Williams is accused of killing Deborah Elliott and Patricia Ashe, and of sexually assaulting five other women. Monday, Gustavo Medina, a former prison inmate who servrf time for DWI while Williams was incarcerated, testified that he overheard Williams confess to the crimes in prison. Medina told Raleigh Police Detective William Medlin what he had heard. Medlin also testified Monday.

Tuesday, the prosecution is expected to show some of its exhibits to the court. Then, the defense can begin presenting its case. The defense also has a long witness list, but there is no certaintly about whether they will all take the stand.