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Durham EMS Finds Solution to Slow Response Time

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DURHAM — When you call for an ambulance, the time it takes for rescuers to arrive is often the difference between life and death. Officials in Durham County say all the growth in the Miami Boulevard area has slowed response times. Thanks to a little innovation, EMS may save more lives while saving tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

About a year ago, WRAL's Stewart Watson reported on the slow response problem in Durham County. Now, by refurbishing an old fire station, the county hopes to answer to at lease part of that report favorably.

Durham County EMS is trying to build more substations in areas not covered well. In one area off of Highway 98, the nearest EMS station is some six to seven miles away. Thanks to the county's resourcefulness, a once abandoned building is now an EMS substation. It is much closer to people in the community, response times will improve and residents will feel safer.

By rejuvenating the old fire station, taxpayers are getting a bonus-- savings of more than $400,000.


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