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Moore Woman Blames DOT for Flooding Problem

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MOORE COUNTY — A Moore County family, up to their ankles in water, says that they are the victims of development. Others say that the family is just a victim of stormy weather.

Teresa Rigney just spent $3,000 to get her water-damaged car repaired. She says that the foundation on her mobile home is now soft. These problems came from recent flooding, but Teresa doesn't live in a flood zone.

Rigney has trouble getting in and out of her trailer these days. Since September, her property has flooded three times.

Teresa's mother, Debra Williams, owns the property. She has lived on it for 20 years and has never seen anything like this, not even after Hurricane Fran. She says the problems started shortly after drainage ditches were dug and a road was paved for a subdivision, about 300 yards away.

The developer of Vanderbuilt Acres says the problem has nothing to do with the new subdivision and everything to do with all of the rainfall lately.

Allen says it also doesn't help that the trailer is sitting in a basin. Moore County and the N.C. Department of Transportation agree, and they say that it is a private property rights matter.

But, Debra and her daughter don't buy the explanation, and they believe that they should get more than an excuse.

Rigney says that she was told by the DOT to buy a Johnboat to solve her problem. A spokesman for the DOT denies that comment. He says he finds it hard to believe an employee would say that when they are trying to help people.

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