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Veterans Protest Gulf War Syndrome

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Veterans protested Gulf War Syndrome and other veterans' issues last year.
RALEIGH — Gulf War Syndrome is just one of the thing veterans all over the country want to draw attention to. One group, the Unified Veterans of America, plans to raise awareness of those issues by marching.

"It is a real illness, a real infection," says Debbie Jones, "not a psychopsomatic illness that the guys had, post-traumatic stress syndrome from the war"

Last year, Jones and her entire family were diagnosed with a disease linked to Gulf War Syndrome. It's an illness very familiar to Gulf War veterans and their families. Because of that, Debbie and other veterans are trying to raise awareness about the illness and other Gulf War issues.

One way they draw attention is by holding marches like the one that took place in Dunn last spring. Joe Poe, who is a 20-year military veteran, was among the many veterans who marched last year. Poe also plans to participate in this year's trek from Florida to Washington, DC.

"The last patrol is going to Washington with the issues surrounding the non-treatment of Gulf War veterans," Poe explains, "and also full accountability for our prisoners of war and MIAs."

The veterans hope to continue raising awareness about the dangers of war. For Jones, it's a family quest to share the research and knowledge they have gained with others.

The march from Florida to the nation's capital will take place on May 8th and 9th. For more information on the march, you can call910-892-1094.