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Community Shocked By Woman's Murder; Police Looking for Suspects

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FREMONT — In Fremont -- population 1,700 -- it's easy to see how everyone seems to know each other. The town collectively shares in happy times, and in sad times. This week is one of those sad times.

On Monday afternoon, 76-year-old Molly Ellis was in her home. Tuesday afternoon, police found her murdered, partially-burned body in some woods behind a trailer park.

Ellis was the mother of a retired District Court judge and a prominent attorney. She was also well-liked in the community, according to her friends, including Chris Hopper.

While investigators aren't saying how Ellis died or who may have done it, they do tell WRAL-TV5 News that they're looking for two suspects who might have roots in Wayne County.

Investigators spent Wednesday afternoon searching for evidence that would provide clues as to what happened between the struggle inside Ellis' home, and the nearby discovery of the body.