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Habitat for Humanity Founder Visits Tanzania Project

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TANZANIA — Two WRAL Habitat Homes will be dedicated this weekend. As with Habitat projects, part of the money raised will help build more homes around the world. The leader of that effort, and the founder of Habitat for Humanity, is a former millionaire who gave away his fortune to build for God.

Millard Fuller recently traveled to Tanzania to check on a project there.

Hope is not an easy concept to grasp in one of the poorest countries in the world, so, when Fuller arrived in Tanzania, it was as if he were a king delivering gifts.

The welcome was a celebration worthy of a king, but Fuller says he's just a man, and that this is where he needs to be. "It is good to be at the place that is the mother of Habitat for Humanity in Tanzania."

Cheering crowds greeted Fuller everywhere he went in Tanzania. Habitat has built more than 1,000 homes there.

Half a world away, back in the Triangle, people are making the Tanzania Project possible. When Habitat Homes are built, such as the WRAL houses in Durham and Fayetteville, a percentage of the price helps pay for homes in third world countries, including Tanzania. "It lets them know here in Tanzania that people in another part of the world feel a connection -- feel in their hearts that somebody loves me."

In this part of the world, Fuller's project of love goes a long way. A $1,000 donation from the Triangle can build an entire house in Africa.

Millard Fuller will tell you it's been worth the effort. He says every 45 minutes a Habitat home is dedicated somewhere in the world.