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AmeriCorps Volunteers Help Build WRAL Habitat House in Durham

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AmeriCorps volunteers are helping to build
DURHAM — With the help of Habitat for Humanity and WRAL, April Gilmore of Durham and her 2 young children will be moving into their new home soon. Volunteers are the muscle, the heart and the soul of Habitat. And for this home, AmeriCorps, the domestic Peace Corps, is bringing its share of all those things.

The Durham County Habitat Project recently gained 12 AmeriCorps volunteers. Celia Cackowski of New Jersey is one of them. She says her group joined the project last week.

In order to get help from AmeriCorps, a group must be willing to take 10 to 25 members at a time. Durham's Habitat projected had no problem with that

Volunteers have a variety of reasons for joining AmeriCorps. For Cackowski, it was a mountain of college loans that her work would help reduce.

AmeriCorps volunteer Dan Hunter says he joined right out of high school.

These AmeriCorps volunteers are novices, but they gain much of their competence and competence by working alongside seasoned workers. Often, they learn from some of the best.

Delbert Tuell of Durham has traveled around the world building homes for Habitat.

Tuell says he likes Americorp's diverse workforce and the volunteers' commitment to helping others.

Anyone who would like to donate money to Habitat for Humanity, or volunteer in any way, should call toll free800-374-2249.

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