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Child Care Commission Seeks Input from Parents, Providers

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North Carolina parents and day care providers will have two chances to express their opinions on proposed day care regulations.
CARY — Child care is a concern for every parent, and most parents have opinions about it. Now, the North Carolina Child Care Commission wants to hear what parents and child care providers have to stay about proposed regulations they're considering.

Last year, NC lawmakers passed legislation trying to improve the state's day care system. One part of that legislation calls for the commission to develop specific rules and regulations regarding day care centers and home day care providers.

Now that the commission has complied, members want to hear from parents and day care providers about the recommendations. The regulations focus on providers and their qualifications. The state wants to boost education requirements for teachers, center directors, and home day care providers.

Day care center director Ann Caspar says the more education required, the better.

The state is also proposing playground regulations that would require some centers to make costly renovations. Caspar says playgrounds must be safe.

There is some concern that rural day care providers may not have the resources or time needed to implement the proposed changes or obtain additional education. Lawmakers fear that could drive such providers to operate illegally or be forced out of business.Editor's Note:

Two hearings will take place at the Wildlife Resources Commission in on Chapanoke Road in Raleigh. The first begins at 6:30 Thursday evening. The second will be held at 9 a.m. Friday For more information, call662-4543.