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Racially Charged Web Postings Upset N.C. State Students

Posted March 12, 2007 6:34 p.m. EDT
Updated March 12, 2007 6:48 p.m. EDT

— Although the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament wrapped up Sunday, emotions continued to roil Monday over racial slurs and other postings to a North Carolina State University fan Web site.

The Wolf Web, which isn't affiliated with the university, contained numerous posts that contained epithets and threatened to lynch University of North Carolina player Ty Lawson, who scored a breakaway slam dunk with 1 second left in UNC's 89-80 victory over N.C. State in the championship game.

Many posters said they believed the dunk was unnecessary, but the harsh tone of the comments upset many N.C. State students.

"It's very offensive," student Candace Holsten said. "That's just something that should not be said, period, no matter how bad it was."

"One or two people posting could make everyone look bad," student Daniel MacDonald said. "Other campuses look at it, and they think, 'N.C. State, this is what they think, this is what they say.' It just looks bad for everybody."

The Wolf Web site was created by two former N.C. State students and prides itself on having less moderation than other fan sites, such as PackPride.com.

The site's creators couldn't be reached for comment Monday.