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Bad Moon Rises on Cary Cafe

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CARY — If the owner of a Cary restaurant could have seen into the future, she would have seen her bad luck coming.

The Gypsy Cafe serves up more than lunch. Customers can order food and psychic readings. But, looking into the future is illegal, according to North Carolina law. So, the state has slapped the cafe with a citation. Owner Rozzy Kachuck is fighting back.

An ALE agent says he only cited the cafe for practicing fortune-telling, after he went to the restaurant on a complaint of an expired liquor license. While he could not go into detail, he says what he saw was not your regular fortune-telling.

But, customers and employees believe that the Gypsy Cafe is being singled out. Kachuck says that the law is so encompassing, she doesn't understand why her restaurant is being punished.

She says she will fight the citation in court. In the meantime, fortune-telling will stay on the menu. The Gypsy Cafe dispute goes to Wake County District Court next month. Reporter: Melissa Buscher

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