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Sources Say Elizabeth Dole Will Make Major Announcement

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WASHINGTON — Listen to audio from Dole'spress conference. The freeReal playeris required.

Several sources have confirmed that Elizabeth Dole will resign her position as director of theAmerican Red Crosson Monday.

On Sunday, the Red Cross confirmed that Dole will be making a major announcement, but would not say what that announcement would be.

Many people believe Dole will announce that she is running for President of the United States.

Dole, whose husband, former Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas was the GOP presidential nominee in 1996, scored high in public opinion polls as a potential candidate.

"There is no doubt that the American public would embrace Elizabeth Dole as a candidate for president," said Margared Kuttz, campaign manager for Draft Elizabeth Dole 2000.

Last week, North Carolina's Draft Dole campaign gained momentum as former Gov. Jim Holshouser, and Food Lion CEO Tom Smith pledged their support, hoping to convince Dole, a Salisbury native, to kick off a campaign.

"I think it's very clear that she will run for president," said Jack Hawke, former chairman of the North Carolina Republican party and member of the Draft Dole campaign.

Hawke said Dole's long list of leadership roles, and her character, are backed up with strong grassroots support.

"Knowing the family and knowing Elizabeth as she grew up, that's what excited the hometown to get involved in trying to draft her. And I think that's going to transfer on a national level," Hawke said.

In North Carolna, support is strong.

"She's from North Carolina so I can only say good things about her," said Jake Rosenbloom, a Rocky Mount resident. "Anybody from North Carolina that runs for any public office, I think we all need to get out and back them."

"I think that with all that's happening in politics in the nation, it would be a good time," said Chapel Hill resident Velverton Land.

Neither the Red Cross, nor Dole's advisers will confirm if she is going to announce that she's running for president.

But Newsweek magazine quote one of Dole's family members as saying that her resignation, is not a surprise, and could be a prelude to the rest of her career, which could include running for president.

Red Cross officials said Dole would make her announcement Monday at 2 p.m. EST in Washington, D.C.


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