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Slick Roads Cause Multiple Accidents in Triangle

Posted January 1, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— The National Weather Service dropped the winter weather advisory for the Triangle Saturday night, but the rain is expected to continue until Sunday afternoon. Forecasters predict the temperatures will rise overnight into the mid 40s preventing a build up of ice.

The freezing rain did not fall for very long, but it does not take much to create slick and dangerous driving conditions.

There were several fender benders on icy bridges Saturday where sudden slick spots caught drivers off guard.

The pavement just looked wet, and it appeared that only rain was falling on the Durham Freeway.

"All of a sudden there was a truck turned over in my lane," says motorist Melvin Ward. "When I tried to stop, my brakes locked up and I started to skid."

Ward says he lost control of his mini-van and smashed into two cars on an icy overpass near downtown Durham.

Within minutes Durham police officers were on their way to multiple accidents across the County.

"The officers started reporting that the bridges were frozen over with ice," says officer Mike Kidd with the Durham Police Department. "Shortly there after, we started getting more accident calls coming in from 15-501 at I-40 all the way into Durham."

As Ward hopped in the tow truck, he was not just worried about his repair bills, but "for the other drivers out there, they need to to slow down. I wasn't going that fast, but your brakes are going to lock up and your going to slide."

For the most part the roads in the Triangle are just wet, but watch out for the bridges and overpasses because there are a few slick spots.