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Proud Fans Blow Horns, Warm Hearts

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NAGANO — It's a big day at Big Hat-- a big sound from big drums; Big fun before a big game; A big crowd expected for a big rivalry.

The biggest noise of the winter games comes from the smallest of trinkets, cheap little horns in a variety of colors that are sold as souvenirs at every Olympic venue.

For about 1500 yen, fans representing every nation can make noise and support their teams. WRAL found a lot of loud, proud Americans.

People can't get enough of the decibel denizens. But when you've got to blow, you've got to blow. The horns have struck a chord with kids. There are variations like the pump-action horn and the big mama for adults only.

At the speedskating venue, horns rule and blow any other sound out of the water. Not everyone is hip to the hot sound. Others have their hearts in the right place, but not their horns.

One IBM'er planned to use his mouth to yell and cheer with the best of them. He calls it his obnoxious horn. Most prefer the old fashioned way-- the horn from the heart.


Jim Payne, Reporter
Richard Adkins, Photographer
Kerrie Hudzinski, Web Editor

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