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Two Months, Twice the Valentine's Tradition

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NAGANO — If you're looking for love here, you're not likely to see it. Zenkoji Temple is Japan's holiest and some say, most romantic place. But a public display of affection-- no way!

Tourists say things aren't as "physical" in Japan as in other parts of the world. People are a little shy about PDA. In Japan, that's life. You will see younger couples close, holding hands, literally changing the way things are. Some even speak openly about love. It's almost unheard of.

One Japanese couple told WRAL's Jim Payne that generally, most people are shy. But because they love each other, they aren't shy about holding hands.

Valentine's Day was imported here. On this day, only the women give men gifts. It's a chance for women to be bold. Then a month later, March 14th, the men must return the favor. Men in Japan are pretty much the same. Some remember, and others do not.

Whatever the strategy, for many, it works. After all, love is the universay language. It is spoken everywhere. For one American couple in Japan, the trip has been like a second honeymoon.


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