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Transit Authority Argues for Full Outer Loop

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RALEIGH — If you've lived in the Triangle for a while, you've certainly noticed there's more traffic. Experts say that traffic is creating frustration, safety concerns and lowering the quality of life. The Triangle Transit Authority is trying to sell businesses on a possible solution.

TTA kicked off its public awareness campaign Thursday, a venture in conjunction with the chamber of commerce. One part of the plan calls for commuters to voice their concerns about traffic by calling919-664-7083.

There's a two-fold message with the campaign. First, to get the Triangle more of its fair share of the transportation dollar. Second, to build the full outer loop.

North Carolina is one of several southern states that doesn't get enough back from the federal government, according to Raleigh Chamber of Commerce's David Lane.

"Build the loop now," urges Duane Long of the Chamber. "We can't afford to wait to build the full outer loop. Growth in the eastern, southern and western portions of the county have exceeded projections. In 1989, highway trust fund legislation only designated the outer loop from NC-55 to US-64 East."

The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce says only 81 cents out of every federal transportation tax dollar is returned to Wake County. The first test of this grassroots campaign will come May 5th when a $50 million dollar bond referendum goes before Raleigh voters.


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