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Pope, Bragg Families Prepare for Call to Action

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FAYETTEVILLE — Men and women from Pope Air Force Base continue their routine missions in the Persian Gulf. The world watches. Their families worry -- and wait. Now, a United Way agency is trying to make things easier for couples, through a new support group.

Carmen Walker's husband just left for Kuwait. Full of worry, Walker often visits the volunteer group Hearts Apart for comfort.

Listen toauor real audiofiles. "It gives you a chance to be in contact with people who are in the same situation as you."

The Pope Air Force Base support group is open year-round, but with the chance for a U.S. military strike increasing, more concerned spouses have come here looking for comfort. Volunteer Sandi Overstreet says that Hearts Apart wants to help.

Listen toauorreal audiofiles. "Their concerns are about the same, they worry about what is going to happen, how long they are going to be gone. We try to give them what support we can."

One of the most popular programs is "Morale Call." Through Hearts Apart, a military spouse can make two fifteen-minute calls a month to their deployed loved ones.

But while their hearts remain apart, spouses like Carmen Walker keep a close eye on the TV, hoping that a diplomatic solution can soon reached with Iraq.

Listen toauorreal audiofiles. "If one of us hears something or sees something, we try to contact other people and make sure they know what is going on."

Support that makes any type of deployment easier. Similar support groups are available year -round at Fort Bragg.