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Tourists, Locals Do the Olympic Shuffle

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NAGANO — There's a triple-whammie at work outside Nagano Station Wednesday, and that's causing everything to back-up at the source. It's the "olympic shuffle."

There's no school. It's a national holiday, and events postponed because of the weather are on. Some people were afraid of the bottleneck destined to happen in Nagano, while others are just hoping to make it to their events.

This olympic shuffle comes in baby steps, but stretches down one side of the street, across the walkway three-wide and back down the other side. While it looks imposing, they are waiting for a bus that carrys them almost two more hours.

The national holiday is Foundation Day, like our 4th of July. Schools let out for Cold Week. Most schools aren't heated. Most outdoor mountain events were cancelled with crowds still on the hill.

While folks waited, some talked of missing events, while others joked about the fact there is a McDonald's on every corner to serve them.

McFood wasn't the only option. There were more traditional meals available. And after another long wait, people kept waiting and doing the olympic shuffle.


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