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Some Areas Safe, But More Rain Still Threatens the Neuse

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GOLDSBORO — Despite today's glimpse of sunshine, things aren't necessarily bright for the Neuse River. The past week of heavy rains has caused the river to run over its banks; now it seems some businesses in the Goldsboro area may cause problems for the waterway as well.

Some junked cars, old tires and vehicle parts are floating towards the river. Until the rains arrived, they were part of a large automobile junkyard situated close to the Neuse. Water has accumulated in a low-lying spot of the property, and that has been enough to carry the vehicles towards the river. Salvage yard owner Gary Bevell told WRAL-TV5's Bret Baier that he could be out of business, and the Neuse won't be helped any, either.

Also of concern are the gas and oil leaking out of the old car engines. An aerial view clearly shows the oil and gas products floating on top of the murky water. That, too, is headed for the river.

Hog farms are being watched closely, in case the waste lagoons go over their banks. Most of them have remained intact, but the fields around many lagoons are saturated.

Some hog farmers are continuing to spray hog waste onto the fields, and the standing water in the fields means the waste eventually can flow into the river. Charles Alvarez, a state inspector with the Division of Water Quality, says that is not the way to exercise control.

Hog farmers are blaming the rains for the potential problems. Inspectors say they will continue to issue citations as necessary.


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