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Oldest Remaining All-Black Community Still Intact in NC

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METHOD — The Triangle is rich in African-American history. Former slaves helped establish several communities in the area. Method is one of them. In fact, the Raleigh neighborhood and is the oldest intact all-black community, in existence since slave days.

Historian, Margaret Rose Murray says she is proud of the legacy her forefathers established.

Murray grew up in Method, a small community in Raleigh with a big history dating back to the old south when slavery and plantations were commonplace.

Murray says Meredith College now sits on part of the original plantation. The other part was sold to freed slaves who established the community of Method.

Strong in resourcefulness, the freed slaves used slabs of trees to build their homes. Murray says that earned the town a temporary nickname of "slabtown".

Method's original residents built a family style community with churches, a school, and a community store. Berry O'Kelly of Chapel Hill moved to Method in the early 1900's and took over the general store and post office. Then, he built a training and agricultural school. The buildings still exist today. The school is now a community center and the agriculture building is an historical site with displays of the pioneers.

Established with perseverance, unity and faith, the community is a Method for others to follow.

Every year the community comes together on Method Day. The June event commemorates the community's history.


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