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Neuse Expected to Crest; Homeowners Prepare

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WAYNE COUNTY — The swelling Neuse River was expected to crest at 22 feet Saturday night -- six feet above flood stage.

Along the Neuse in Wayne County, homes were surrounded by water and nearby roads became river beds as the river. As decks became docks, some folks bailed out of their homes when the water got too close for comfort.

However, some folks were determined to stick it out. John Lassiter was born on the river, and he's determined to stay in his house until the water drives him out.

Lassiter may stay in his home as the flood waters creep up, but he has taken precautions. Thursday night, he loaded up everything in the house and protected it from flood water. After Hurricane Fran swept across the state in 1996, three feet of the Neuse rushed inside his house. This time, he's not taking chances.

The main roads closed in Wayne County are Mill End, Ferry Bridge, Beaver Dam, and Bridges Road. Officials say that those roads may be closed for another four to five days.

From the air you can really see the soggy mess along the Neuse. From Sky5, it's easy to see where flood waters have jumped their banks -- turning streets into rivers and waterlogging homes.

Across much of eastern North Carolina, officials are keeping a close eye on sewage treatment sites and hog lagoons to prevent spills. So far, no problems have been reported.


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