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Wilson Mobile Home Park Becomes Waterfront Property

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WILSON — Several Wilson families were in an emergency shelter Wednesday night. They forced out of their homes by rising water.

The Lincoln Mobile Home Park was evacuated Wednesday morning. Many residents were not expecting flood.

This is what happens when a small stream tries to hold too much water. As residents were sleeping in their homes last night, the tiny Black Creek grew and engulfed the entire neighborhood. In some areas, it's just a few inches deep. But, in much of the neighborhood, the water is a real danger.

Emergency crews from the city and county of Wilson helped residents get out, as the water crept higher to the homes. The Red Cross is encouraging victims to take a break in a local shelter. The setup means free food, dry clothes, and a chance to talk about what happened.

Lots of folks are surprised by just how quickly the water rose Tuesday night. Many went to bed last night expecting a few puddles. Instead, residents awoke to find the creek in their homes.


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