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Wet Weather Makes Traditional Pothole Season Worse

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RALEIGH — It's tricky to take a drive these days and not notice the potholes. This is the time of year that road tends to fall apart, and this year's rainy weather only makes it worse.

The only thing worse for roads than a wet January, is a wet and cold January. It's been wet, but fortunately not cold enough to make things too bad. But they're bad enough to make drivers want to be alert to road conditions.

Raleigh's "pothole patrol" took advantage of dry weather conditions and went to work Friday, trying to get some much-needed road work done.

Recent rains have caused water to seep into the pavement. When it freezes, the road literally falls apart. Mac Jones, a Raleigh Street crew worker, says water is asphalt's worst enemy.

With such conditions, a simple car ride can be jarring. Driver Greg Sune says he just tries to stay away from potholes.

Jones says Raleigh has trucks ready to go when the road gives way.

Big potholes can also do serious damage to vehicles. One Raleigh resident said he has to get the tires on his truck realigned every six months because of potholes.

This past week's long-awaited break from the rain, enabled crews to do some repairs, but don't let that fool you. There are still plenty of potholes lurking.


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