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Chapel Hill Man Ditches Car for New Set of Wheels

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CHAPEL HILL — Waiting in heavy traffic can be frustrating, especially if the driver is on a deadline. That's why a Chapel Hill man has traded in his car for life in the fast lane.

Seth Elliott is a new business owner in Chapel Hill who is counting on traffic snarls and a lack of parking for his success.

At the same time, Elliott carries an environmental message. He says he would like to see more people follow his example and leave their cars at home.

At times it appears Elliott is talking to himself, as he conducts business over a cellular phone while wearing a headset. He's wired for travel, for running errands, and for picking up packages.

Most bike couriers travel light, and Elliot is no exception, but he says there are times when he's carrying up to 200 pounds..

Since moving to Chapel Hill from Oregon, Elliott has discovered that there's more than one hill in Chapel Hill.

It's exercise, income and an example Elliot says he hopes others might follow.


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