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Officials Concerned About Wayne Co. Flooding

Posted January 27, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— While snow has buried the western part of North Carolina, rain is causing some major problems in the central and eastern parts of the state. The Neuse River is overflowing its banks in some places.

Emergency officials say there are no residential areas in immediate danger, but that they are worried that the situation could worsen. Access to those homes could be in jeopardy as rain and sleet continue. In Wayne County, parts of Capps Bridge Road are under water, while some fields adjacent to it are under several feet of water that has spilled out of the Neuse.

Resident Henry Taylor says he was able to get through Wednesday morning, but doesn't know how much longer he can.

Officials say they will keep an eye on conditions, and will go door-to-door to warn people if danger is imminent. The river is expected to crest Thursday, but some are worried it might keep swelling until Friday.

High winds remain in the area, causing concern about the saturated ground allowing trees to topple, as they did during Hurrican Fran.