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Clinton Allegations Likely to Affect Hillary

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RALEIGH — According to marriage counselors, infidelity is usually a private matter involving two people. In the president's case, it's totally different because it has become public information. That makes the issue of infidelity even more difficult to deal with, especially for Hillary Clinton.

Whether President Clinton has been unfaithful or not, claims of infidelity can cause some serious problems. When a partner cheats, a marriage can take a turn for the worse. Local resident Mary Foster was married for 11 years. She says infidelity eventually lead to the end of her marriage.

"I came to the conclusion that I could do better," Foster explains. "I don't have to take this."

Dr. Robert Mankoff says about 30% of his clients have infidelity issues. Mankoff says lot of a couples survive affairs but only after the cheater comes clean. Both partners then must be willing to forgive and forget.

"Typically, what makes a relationship survive is not the messes that you get into, but the willingness,of both partners to work through them," says Dr. Mankoff.

Hillary will not only have to work through these problems, but she'll also have to do it in the public eye. That's something she has done before.

"It is not true," the first lady said in 1992. "It's really unfortunate that political opponents of Bill's started in 1990 to make charges against him. The people in Arkansas didn't believe him. All of these people including that woman have denied this many many times."

This time, it's not just infidelity the Clinton's are dealing with. There is also the question of perjury. And it's not just their relationship, but the presidency, that could be on the line.


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