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Clinton Scandal the Talk of the Triangle

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CARY — Scandal is nothing new to the Clinton administration. Between the whitewater scandal, the campaign financing scandal and the Paula Jones sexual harassment scandal, Clinton has managed to weather the storm. The question now is whether he can survive the latest accusation of infidelity.

Even during a friendly game of darts at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Cary, the conversation was about the goings on in the White House.

VFW member Ray Hood says he's concerned as a vet about how Clinton appears to the rest of the world.

Other people find the claims hard to believe. As a woman, Peggy Hood doesn't believe women should dig up scandal just to cause a disturbance in the government.

Bartender Richard Snead, who is a republican, says the president should not be dealing with this when he's got other world issues to handle.

The reality is, Clinton does have to deal with it now. While it won't be the first time Clinton has survived a scandal, political analyst Andy Taylor says this time it could be different.

"It's simple for the public to understand," Taylor explains, "and it could be something that the public doesn't adamantly approve of."

While the public may not care about the alleged affairs, they do care if the president broke the law by asking someone to lie under oath.

Taylor believes the next two to three weeks will be crucial for the president. That's when more information will surface, and the public will form firm opinions about the Clinton administration.


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