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Cary Police Cracking Down on Road Rage

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CARY — Most of us have experienced road rage from one side or the other. That's when drivers become enraged at other drivers and seek revenge in some way. Now, one Wake County town is giving citizens a chance to voice their opinions on the subject.

Cary has implemented a 24-hour Road-Watch hotline, where people can sound off about the driver who cut them off, tail-gated, or otherwise expressed rage behind the wheel. They say it's a telephone number people can call to put the brakes on the bad guys.

They want descriptions of the cars, the drivers, and their reckless behavior, plus license plate numbers phoned in.

They say they will then try to follow up with a written or verbal warning, letting the offensive driver know they're watching.

Cary Police Lt. Doug Scott says they get calls about road rage all the time.

The number to call on a cellular phone is "* CP", or919-319-4521. Cary Police would also like to be notified if anyone sees a driver he suspects to be intoxicated or anyone going the wrong way on an interstate highway. In such emergency situations, citizens should call 9-1-1.

Police say, if they can, and if the situation warrants it, they will attempt to prosecute offenders. Even out-of-state drivers aren't immune.

The main reason behind this move, they say, is to let people know they can vent their frustrations with offensive drivers without creating a dangerous situation for themselves.


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