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WRAL Health Team Looks At Healthy Gifts For Holiday Season

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RALEIGH, N.C. — If it's the thought that counts, then make it a healthy thought. WRAL Health Team Dr. Allen Mask has a couple of gift ideas that can offer healing or even save a life.

If you are in a big crowd, chances are someone knows CPR and could save your life, but what about in your own home? The American Red Cross offers CPR training gift certificates.

"Our goal at the Red Cross is to train one person out of every household in CPR and first aid," said Mira Batchelor, of the American Red Cross.

Over 50 million Americans have high blood pressure. Half of them do not even know it and the other half are not being treated adequately. What about the gift of a blood pressure cuff and one that's easy to read. Some show the systolic and diastolic pressures clearly.

Everyone experiences back pain from time to time. What about a heating pad? This would be great for reducing inflammation and it cost about $13.

You cannot see or taste carbon monoxide gas, but it can kill you. Most people don't think to have a carbon monoxide monitor in their homes, but you should have one. The cost is only about $25.

Over 4,000 people die each year in home fires, so why not give the gift of a fire extinguisher? The cost is only about $30, and it could save your life.

Are you prepared for any emergency? A kit from the American Red Cross could help, with everything from bandages to flashlights, whistles and two ponchos.

When it is cold outside, you could lose 20 percent of your total body heat through your head. That makes a warm cap a wonderful holiday idea.

Dr. Mask also recommends a life-saving gift for someone you do not know -- donating your blood.

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